Danciano de Malleret

Dancier & Rotspon

Généalogie Danciano

The stallion that needs no introduction! Danciano not only produces a lot of elegance and a fantastic hindleg quality visible throughout his production, but he also brings exceptional character and ease. There is now enough hindsight on his production (9 years) to attest that he marks all his foals in a homogeneous way.

The king of the dressage ring

This premium stallion is large-framed and remarkable, as well as charming and elegant. He is a self-confident, distinguished dressage talent who lives up to the highest of demands. He exhibits three equally exceptional paces, and exemplary rideability. At the 30-day test in 2013, Danciano stood out from the group of other quality stallions.

He received the highest overall score in the group with a total of 8.48, and the second-highest final score for dressage with a total of 8.91 (trot: 10.0!)

In 2014

He made his sporting debut, winning or placing in numerous riding competitions. He was the Hanoverian Vice-Champion in Verden and was selected for the national championships.

In 2015

In accordance with his age, he won the L-level dressage competitions, combined dressage and show-jumping competitions, and placed at the German national championships for five-year old dressage horses.


Looking back today, we can confirm the remarkable quality of this horse in equestrian sports as well as in breeding with a very successful offspring all over the world. His size is 1,74m.

He passes on his exceptional character so that his foals will become horses who accept willingly hard work and pressure, but also know to calm down quickly and relax. He also passes on his beautiful ground-covering walk, his excellent bone structure as well as his elegance, elasticity and active hindquarters. His offspring, however still very young, shows an extraordinary talent for piaffe and passage.

Mr. Martinez, proud owner of this incredible stallion, was honored to learn from Mr. Ekke Thaden (breeder of the memorable DANCIER) that according to him, Danciano is the best son of Dancier having all the qualities necessary to continue to transmit the excellent genetic values that he represents! 

This stallion is undeniably the best investment for your future horse of a lifetime!

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Licensed for the Hannoveranien, Oldenbourg, Rhineland, Westphalia, Southern German Studbooks, Mecklenbourg, Selle Français, CDF

Live foal guarantee 48 hours after the birth of the foal – Frozen semen
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Premium stallion, top-price and winner of his 30 day test.

Many premium foals came out of this first crop of foals. His sire, Dancier, was the Champion Stallion at the Hanoverian licensing in Verden. In 2005 he won the performance test in Adelheidsdorf and in 2006, he was the Hanoverian Vice- Champion Riding Horse and won a bronze medal in the 4-year old stallion competition at the German national championships in Warendorf. He was then successful at the S level and started his breeding career. Out of his first crops of foals, 26 of his sons have been licensed, including the price highlight stallions of the Verden stallion market in 2011 and 2012. His dam, Rodney’s Girl, is the full sister of licensed stallion Rood Vander, who also won S-level dressage competitions, ridden by Martina Hannöver-Stemberg. His damsire, Rotspon, was a premium stallion at the Verden licensing, the winner of his performance test, and is considered a major dressage horse producer. Going back to the third generation we find Wolkenstein II, who was probably the most influential son of Weltmeyer, the German national champion and the winner of his performance test in 1993.

Danciano represents the Hanoverian 244/Dollarkunst maternal line (from Dollart-Format III, etc), which was widely represented in Oldenburg with stallions such as De Kuyper, De Vito and Dépardieu. The licensing champion Raferty and the internationally-successful dressage horse Chagall 15/ Madeleine Winter-Schulze also come from this line.

Danciano is a stallion who passes on his genes very well. He has a very elegant head position and paces that display great elasticity and suppleness.

He stamps his foals and passes on his elegance and incredible charisma. Approved for Hanover, Mecklenburg, Oldenburg, Rhineland, Southern German stud books, Westphalia.

In addition to the other races, Danciano is approved for Selle français.

Offspring of Danciano

Dear Elizabeth II de Malleret

Danciano x Sir Donnerhall I

Danaé de Malleret

Danciano x Rock Forever I
Gold medal Foal

Danny Cool 9

Danciano x Sandro Hit
Champion of the 4, 5 and 6 year old geldings in South German

Harpège Grez Neuville

Danciano x Gribaldi
championne de France des 3 ans en 2020

Kankaline de Ticop

Danciano x Soliman
Championne de France Foal, Championne de France des 2ans, Championne de France 3ans

Daily Show

Danciano x Stockholm
was crowned vice-champion of the 4 years in 2018 and the best 5 years of the USA in 2019 with his rider Emily Miles

Doñana TR

Danciano x Quidana
was crowned Spanish champion in 2019 for the second consecutive year at 5 years old with his rider Juan Manuel Acosta

De Vinci

Danciano x Fürst Piccolo x Gonzo I

was crowned Belgian champion of 3 years old in 2018 with a score of 85%

Dolce Gusto

Danciano x Gribaldi x Kansas C

Jay Destino

Danciano x Diamond Hit

Define Dynamic

Danciano x Samarant

was crowned of 3-year-old stallion champion in Southern Germany with a score of 88% in 2019.

Dali Lady

Danciano x Stedinger

Danciana SHS

Danciano x Flammengold


Danciano x Ampere

Doxandra de Malleret

Danciano x Diamond Hit

Dancielle de Malleret

Danciano x Florencio I

Dancelia de Malleret

Danciano x Sir Donnerhall I

Dynastine de Malleret

Danciano x Fürstenball

Dancelot de Malleret

Danciano x Sir Donnerhall I

Dédicace de Malleret

Danciano x Sir Donnerhall I

Dicasso de Malleret

Danciano x Sir Donnerhall I
Champion de France des 2ans

Donacio de Malleret

Danciano x Rock Forever I

  • Flinstone de Malleret

    Fidertanz & Abanos

  • Fantom de Malleret

    Fair Game x Hochstern

  • Faszination de Malleret

    Fürst Belissaro x San Remo

  • Esperanzo Malleret PS

    Escamillo x Zack

  • Fänomen de Malleret

    Foundation x Sezuan

  • First Moon de Malleret

    Fürstenball x Diamond Hit

  • Golden Romance Malleret PS

    Governor x Sir Donnerhall I

  • Stolzenberg de Malleret

    Sandro Hit x Lord Sinclair

  • Royal de Malleret

    Rubin Royal x Fürst Wilhelm

  • Dicasso de Malleret

    Danciano x Sir Donnerhall I